There are colours that act on our feelings: What is yours?

Although the effects of colours are innate, each person has one or more favourites that they should not hesitate to use in their day-to-day life to bring them well-being. There are colours that are capable of favouring a certain state of mind. For this reason, it is always appropriate to know a little bit about how the psychology of colour works in order to be able to create work environments and private scenarios where you can live and work better. We also know that each one of us has "that colour fetish". It is not clear why, but there are certain shades with which we harmonise better and which, at the same time, define us. This book is a reference in this very interesting field, where it deals with the intimate relationship between colours and the feelings they can provoke in us. Therefore, we invite you to discover this theory with which you may better understand certain aspects of your personality. The psychology of colours : It's very possible that more than one person may find it hard to believe that colours can be characteristic of personality patterns or influence our mood. For this reason, the psychologist Eva Heller, from the Free University of Berlin, carried out an in-depth study in which she analysed the responses and behaviour of 2000 people in relation to certain colours and the feelings that these provoked in them. We invite you to learn more about each colour. Colours that act on our feelings: the colour blue From the survey that Dr. Heller conducted over several years, it became clear that the favorite colour of the general population is blue, followed by green.