How to choose the best toys for your child ?

Parents always want the best for their children. When it comes to toys, sometimes we can overdo it. But more than quantity, children need the right ones for their age and abilities. When we get confirmation that a baby is coming, we start buying a lot of things. We buy, for example, clothes, bottles, baby carriers, nappies and a very long etcetera. However, we don't usually remember the toys until the baby is 3 or 4 months old. Then the search for the best toys begins. In order to choose the best toys, we must take into account some variables that we will explain below. Advertising or "what is in fashion" tend to be the least significant criteria when giving toys to our little ones. Children and toys Children need to play, no doubt about it. It is their way of relating to the world around them and of learning. Toys are basic to encourage play, but they are not decisive. Why do we say this? Certainly a child plays with toys, but he also plays with a box, a branch or some stones. The child's imagination wakes up at playtime and the magic of seeing them entertained by anything happens. Although we parents want the best, we must exercise prudence when it comes to choosing the best toys for our little one. We should not get carried away with the most expensive, the most modern or the "latest fashion". All these criteria will have some importance, but they should not be the ones that guide us. Nor does it make sense that when children have not had the opportunity to play with a toy they should already be given a new one. Parents sometimes make that mistake. The possible reasons are to silence some lack of one's own childhood or a guilt for not having time to share with the children. Choosing the best toys As the child begins to talk, he will ask for and demand toys. If it were up to him, he would have them all. However, parents should not only know that this is impossible, but also unnecessary. Here are some of the variables you should take into account to choose the best games.