How to bottle your tomatoes and why

Canned tomatoes can be prepared at home. This technique has the benefit of saving, as it avoids discarding food and can be kept for a long time if you follow some procedures. Whether in tomato sauces, pasta or even the famous ketchup, tomatoes have become an essential ingredient in thousands of preparations and recipes. For many years, canned and tinned tomatoes have been marketed, either to facilitate the preparation of sauces or just to preserve their texture and characteristic flavour. What about commercial preserves? Tomato paste or canned or preserved tomatoes are an ideal option when you need it and you don't have a supermarket nearby. They are kept in the cupboard and last for a very long time. However, many of these products contain preservatives that help keep them in place and are not entirely healthy, which is why it is always best to make your own homemade tomato preserves. How to bottle tomatoes ?