Emotional infidelity: what it is ?

There are many feelings that can bring a person together, but when they gradually become detached, what happens? Find out what emotional infidelity is and analyse if you are a victim. Emotional infidelity is the deception by one partner of the other who has not had intimate contact with that person. In this way, one partner exchanges intimate moments with a third person outside the relationship. Even if no sex is involved, this kind of deception can be as painful and hurtful as physical infidelity. Emotional infidelity: where does it come from? The main reason why infidelity occurs is emotional distance, not sexual dissatisfaction. When there is no emotional connection, one can look for incentives not found in the other. Although, almost always, with fear of confrontation and provoking a definitive break-up of the couple. The unfaithful member usually says to himself: "nothing happens", "there is no danger because I don't kiss, touch or have sex". However, he begins to realise what he has done when the other one asks him to explain. But there are other signs that can indicate you are committing emotional infidelity: 1. You hide If you hide conversations, feelings and other acts. It may be a sign that something is going on with another person that you do not want to share with your partner. Although, a priori you do not realize, you know that there are certain types of conversations that others do not want to see. Therefore, that is the sign that something is going wrong. 2. You're looking for something new outside your relationship It is normal to communicate your problems with another person. However, if you are looking for incentives outside your relationship with your partner, such as trust, companionship or security, there is a downside to this. In fact, there's little distance to go from one step to the next. 3. You worry about infidelity When it comes to knowing whether or not there is an emotional infidelity, it is best to trust your instincts. Because you are probably already at fault. If you have romantic feelings for someone other than your partner, it's time to take a hard look at the situation.