3 tips to help you avoid accidents in your car

Anticipating accidents in your car is not entirely possible, but you can reduce the risk. We'll give you some tips here to put into practice. It's difficult to predict or avoid accidents in your car, but certainly following the rules, concentrating while driving and arranging the space safely will minimize the risk. Because if one thing is clear, when you start your car and hit the road, unpredictable things can happen. As far as you're concerned, remember to follow the general traffic rules and follow these 3 tips we're going to give you to avoid an accident in your car. 1. Respect road rules to prevent accidents in your car : Summarising all the road rules is complex; it is not in vain that in order to obtain a licence, one must study them a lot in order to be able to approve and obtain it. However, we will talk about the most important rules that make the difference between safety and a road accident. Do not consume alcohol or drugs This is the most important recommendation. Multiple investigations have shown the effects that alcohol and drug use, such as psychoactive drugs, have on consciousness. These alter the mental state, but at the same time produce a drowsiness that can prevent us from reacting in a timely manner to an event. Although being very sleepy is not the same as being drugged or alcoholised, when driving in a state of drowsiness, the senses are not in the driver's seat either and there will be problems in processing the information that is decisive. On the other hand, so-called micro-sleeps can occur, in which the driver closes his eyes for a few seconds. Fastening your seat belt Driving with your belt unbuckled can lead to fines, but this is the least serious. If during a claim or crash you are not insured, it is most likely that you will be thrown through the windscreen and your life will be in serious danger. This applies not only to the driver, but to all the occupants. Respect the distance between cars This is known as safety distance and depends on the regulations of each country and city. It refers to the importance of not invading space which can make the difference in some road accident. Let's suppose that a car has to brake to avoid running over an animal on the road; if you have the right safety distance you will be able to manoeuvre and avoid crashing.